Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hades Lord of The Dead Meets Diary of A Wimpy Kid!!!!

Hi all you groovy travelers through the world of blog, I have come across some really out of sight reads that I just need to share. Remember, you to can also contribute to the cause through commenting on something you read and liked and I will get it posted. Far out man!!!!! Well on to good reads eh?

The Olympians, Hades Lord of The Dead by George O'Connor - This Graphic Novel focuses on Zeus's brother Hades who gets , unfairly, a bad rap most of the time. If you have yet to read any of the Graphic Novels in the Olymians' Series that have come out so far (click on the titles to check out my reviews of Athena, Grey-Eyed Goddess Hera, The Goddess and Her Glory and one done by Iron Carl for The Boys Rule, Boys Read Blog. Zeus,King of The Gods) by George O'Connor get ahold of them as soon as you can. In this well written and drawn Graphic Novel we learn more about Hades (also known by such names such as "Pluton - The Wealthy One," "Zeus Cythonios - Zeus of The Underworld" and many more as people do not like to use the name Hades in fear of attracting his attention) and the Underworld he rules. Of course the Underworld is populated by many known and not so familiar denizens as Cerberus - the giant three headed dog that guards the Underworld, Charon -the ferryman who will take the recently departed across the river Styx (for a cost), Shades of The Dead, The Mortal Half of Heracles who did not ascend to Olympus upon his death to become a god, The Titans who ruled all of existence before the Olympians defeated them among many, many more famous and not quite as famous. The story of the abduction of Kore, the daughter of Demeter (Goddess of Agriculture), is featured prominently in this Graphic Novel (GN) for without giving to much away she marries Hades and become Persephone (Goddess of The Underworld and Spring Growth). Without Persephone we would not have the changing of the seasons --- read the GN. Much more is included in this GN and Mr. O'Connor has done his homework well to put together a terrific read!!! As with the other Olypians' books included with the story are Author's Notes, Bios on key individuals and other beings in the story, Greek Notes about certain sections of the book to give more clarity, Discussion Questions, a wonderful Bibliography of books and web sites where the author obtained the information to tell the story and a further Recommended Reading List about the story he has spun. This is really a great GN and I can't wait to see what Greek Myth Mr. O'Connor will provide to us next!!!!!! Recommended for those ages 9 and up. 

I know I'm late on the next one and probably everybody except me has already read it, but here goes:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever by Jeff Kinney - What can I say about this book that I have not already said about the previous books in this series? They are too funny and every guy out there has a little (or allot of Greg Heffeley) in them. What really impresses me about this book and the series is they continue to be topnotch in comedic value and maintain an originality that all the other books inspired by the series can't come close to matching. Examples of comic genius from this book:

1) Greg and his brother Roderick picking up an elderly woman walking to the grocery store she knows is nearby, but deciding she is confused and taking her to one miles away. Only to find out a new grocery store had opened right around the corner she lives at; rushing back to get her only to have her refuse to ride with them and having a news report come on television that night about teens kidnapping elderly people and dropping them off at strange locations.

2) Greg and Rowley setting up a dunking both to make money and not realizing the person being dunked should be protected from the baseballs being thrown at the cage (ouch).

3) Read and laugh! The book ends way to fast because of the pace you will be reading and laughing.

Let's hope there is a knew one out soon. Recommended for those ages 9 and up. 

Well that's all I got for now guys.


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