Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Of Library Ninjas, Sith and Good Reads!!!!!

Hi all in the "Land o Blog!!!!" Hope everything is rolling along well for everyone. Over the weekend I visited one of my old Ninja Librarian Instructors Darth Bane. Not the most cheerful cat in this here galaxy a long time ago and far away, but most excellent to hang out with and play video games with (I tell ya he rules at Mario Kart!!!!) and practice wicked ninja maneuvers. Well enough about my bud Darth Bane, as you can see he has enough on his mind, lets talk about some recent reads of mine. Also that reminds me, at any time please feel free to comment on the blog about good reads you know about (share the wealth dudes and dudets)!!!! Onward then:

The Maze Runner by James Dashner - Imagine waking up in a small glade surrounded by 4 huge walls with four openings. You can remember nothing of your past (who your parents are, where you lived, your friends, etc.). You find yourself in a colony composed of only teen aged boys who share the same condition you do. Outside the walls is a maze that could lead to escape and freedom. The only problem is the walls of the maze change every night, when you must be back in the central glade that you woke up in. Why must you be back in this central glade? Because at night the four openings close and if you are trapped outside you are as good as dead because of deadly monsters (part organic, part machine) that patrol the maze 24 hours a day and kill whomever they find.
Finally one day arrives when a comatose girl arrives with a note reading: She's the last one. Ever.  This is exactly what happens in this story to a teen named Thomas. This book is full of adventure, cool characters and unexpected happening that will keep you turning the pages until you are finished. Unfortunately at the end of the book you have to wait for the next one comes out to see what happens next. Great Book!!!!!!!

Yu-Gi-Oh! R by Akira Ito - This Manga Series I found to be really fun to read and have flown through Volumes 1 - 4. The main character in this Manga is Yogi Mutou (who kinda has a split personality...long story) and is a master player of the collectible card game Duel Monsters. When a disciple of an enemy he defeated in the past appears and takes one of his friends hostage, Anzu Mazaki, he vows along with fellow Duel Monster friends Hiroto Honda and Katsuya Jonouchi to rescue her. This does not prove easy as many Duel Master opponents await them as they try to get to her and the villainous Yako Tenma. To the best card player go the spoils of war!!!! This Manga is really allot of fun, so give it a try!!!!

Well that's all for now you crazy cats!!!!! Keep reading and let me hear from ya sometime!!!! Tasty waves, good reading and peace,

Library Ninja Bill


  1. Great blog. Great books. Good luck with your new job, Ninja Librarian Bill!

  2. Thank you Wild About Words. We do our best. Between the three of us I'd like to think we cover the best that we have time to read. Hope you keep following and maybe even talk about some book you like in our comment section.
    Nija Librarian Bill, Iron Carl and Library Guy Zack.