Sunday, June 19, 2011

Swimming The Buterfly with Water Witches and Rick Riordan Envy!

Greetings all yea blog o readers!!!! Tis I Library Ninja Bill with more great reads, powerful zen and general goofy information.

I recently went to the movies an saw Thor and the new Pirates of the Caribbean Movie. All I can say is they were both awesome!!!!!! The Green Lantern Preview looks pretty cool and I really want to see the new X-Men movie. So many movies, so little money (geeeezzzzz). I sensed, during the movies I have seen however, some Rick Riordan envy. Let's examine the evidence:

Okay enough of the silly stuff (unless it relates to books) and let's talk about some recent reads by yours truly:

The Last Apprentice: Wraith of The Bloodeye by Joseph Delaney - I know I have been writing many reviews on this series, but what can I say I'm hooked. In this installment The Spook and Tom find the recently released Fiend hot on Tom's trail to destroy him. The Spook in hopes of keeping Tom hidden from the Fiend sends him away for a time to study under the tutelage of another Spook named Bill Arkwright. Tom finds life hard with Mr. Arkwright and misses his friend Alice (a Witch) very much. However Mr. Arkwright teaches Tom many important lessons and toughens him up physically. Unfortunately the Fiend has learned of Tom's new location and sends his daughter Morwena, a powerful Water Witch with the power of the bloodeye (whoever her blood soaked eye catches in direct eye to eye contact becomes frozen and unable to act) to kill him. Will Tom while training with his new Spook Master be able to survive? What new allies and enemies will he make as his story continues. Only one way to find out, give it a read. Awesome series recommended for ages 9 and up!!!!!!!

The next book I want to talk about is definitely for older teens:

Swim The Fly by Don Calame - This book is kinda like "Diary of a Wimpy Kid," but with much more mature topics that older teen boys must contend. The book is about three friends Matt, Coop and Sean and the yearly summer goal they set for themselves. Well being teens of a certain age whose legs become wobbly and mouths stop working around attractive teenage girls, they decide that this years goal will be for the three of them to see a girl in the nude. This book made me laugh out loud on numerous occasions. While attempting to attract what the guys would describe as a hottie named Kelly, Matt volunteers for the swim team they are on to take the place of a wounded team member in swimming the butterfly in competitions. This is one of the hardest swimming technequies and lets just say Matt is not up to it. Between attempting to woe Kelly and the situations he gets in with Coop and Sean, this book is a definite two thumbs up and a garanted laugh maker. Because of the mature content, I reccomend this book for teens 15 and up. Great stuff!!!!!

Until next time me amigos,