Monday, June 4, 2012

Serial Killers, Batman, The New 52 and Thor & Captain America

Hi all,

Your Wandering Library Ninja has been hard at work in The Land of Library and when not there in The Land of Mass Effect 3. I'm having so much fun with Mass Effect 3 it should be illegal. This is a great game for the X-Box 3 for older players because of the subject matter. Check it out though:

Pretty darn cool, right!!!!!!!
All right let's talk good reads now:

I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga - Jazz is almost a typical teen in the sleepy town of Lobo's Nod in that he lives with his grandmother (um maybe not so normal, read and find out), goes to school, has a best friend named Howie (who also happens to be a hemophiliac) and a steady girlfriend who is tough as nails. What makes Jazz not so typical is that his father Billy Dent, who raised him and taught him all he knows, is the most notorious and prolific serial killer caught by police to date. To say that Jazz has personal issues is to put it mildly. With his upbringing by his infamous father he has trouble dealing with life as a normal person. He thinks differently and feels things differently than other "normal teens" and is terrified he will turn out just like his father.Well when against all odds another serial killer starts killing in his sleepy little town, Jazz helps the police, whether the help is wanted or not, because he knows how serial killers think and he wants to prove to himself and the people of Lobo's Nod that he is not destined to walk in his father's footsteps. That he is a normal and good person even with his own doubts and those of others who don't really know him. He is terrified for anyone to get close to him because he is scared to let anyone see him for who he is and what he understands. This is a great read that I enjoyed. Full of chills and down right creepiness. Definitely not for the faint of heart and recommended for those 15 and older. Can't wait for a the sequel!!!!!!!

Batman, The Court of Owls, Volume 1 by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo - As stated in the title this is the first volume of an epic Batman story. This is Batman in one of his first appearances in DC Comics' "New 52" Reboot. I must get this out of the way first, I am not a fan of DC's "New 52" for many reasons I want go into right here. With all that being said, this is really a great story and visualization of how a Batman tale should be done. Batman as Gotham's protector believes he knows everything there is to know about the city. He knows the realities from the myths. One such myth is "The Court of Owls." An Illuminati of sorts that rules the city without ever being seen. If you cross this Illuminati they will seek you out to punish or kill you through there personal assassin known as "The Talon." Batman along with the help of the original Robin, Dick Grayson, and others in the Batman Family investigate this group that is becoming very active of late. Batman badly underestimates them, gets the living crap beat out of him, is tortured to the breaking point, but survives this first volume ready for round 2. I can't wait for the second volume as this story is spun so expertly by Scott Snyder and beautifully illustrated by Greg Capullo. Recommended for those 13 and up.

Marvel Adventures, Avengers: Thor and Captain America by Paul Tobin, Gerry Conway, Ronan Cliquet, Ron Lim and more - This Graphic Novel collects Marvel Adventures Super Heroes issues 13 - 16. These four collected issues of the comic have Thor or Captain America teaming up with fellow heroes. My favorite story in the collection is the first where Thor and Valkyrie recruit Nova to join them on a mission to carry a message to an Asgardian who felled in performing a task assigned to him by Odin thousands of years ago. For this Odin banished the Asgardian to the underworld and on top of that has Thor and Valkyrie deliver him a message that contains a massive and dangerous task he must complete every decade. The three heroes must fight  and overcome many obstacles in order to reach the Viking Warrior and what happens when they reach him is most unexpected. This story along with the rest teaming Thor and Spider-Man, Captain America and Chat and lastly Cap and Web-Head are lots of fun and full of action. Highly recommended for those 8 and up!!!!!

Until next time my friends.