Friday, August 23, 2013

It's Been a Long, Long Time or Skitt!!

Hi all you hepcats out in the "Land o Blog!!!!" Ronin Librarian Bill has been wondering the nether regions, fighting book banners, saving damsels in distress, fighting crime where ever it rears its ugly head so I've been off the radar for some time. If you don't believe me check it out:

Oh No, I may have shown to much. Just hope those reading this know that I am not the best at what I do!!!!!
Oh well enough silliness lets talk books and Graphic Novels.

Green Lantern, Volume 2, The Revenge of Black Hand by Geoff Johns, Doug Mahnke, Ethan Sciver, and more - If you go to the post I put up here you will see my review of Volume 1. This volume continues the very interesting team up of Hal Jordan (Earth's First Green Lantern) and his mentor and nemesis Sinestro (now back in the Green Lantern's a long story to explain his history). In this roller coaster ride of a story as the two team up to not only take on the crazed Black Hand (of The Black Lantern Corps) but also take on The Indigo Corps when their power source is turned off. Now the Indigo Corps have always been portrayed as on the side of the angels so why would this cause problems? Man if you have not read this GN yet you are in for a real shock! What makes this GN so great besides what I have laid out is the interaction between Jordan and Sinestro. They often have dynamically different opinions on how to solve problems (Jordan being more diplomatic and Sinestro more whatever it takes). Yet for all their differences they really have great chemistry and make a great team. Also before this GN is done you get a glimpse at the next big threat coming down the pike for the universe. It's called "The Third Army" and man it looks like it's gonna be a great story!!!

Before Watchman: Minutemen & Silk Spectre by Darwyn Cooke and Amanda Conner - DC did several very controversial prequels to one of the greatest Comics/Graphic Novels ever; The Watchmen (Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons). The main controversy being other writers and artist telling stories involving characters so much belonging to these two creators and putting their spin on what came before. Moore more or less dismissed the titles as he has become a Comic/Graphic Novel recluse, however Gibbons was more supportive of the efforts but forth by others on these stories. I really liked "The Minuteman" story (a collection of the 6 issue miniseries) by Darwyn Cooke with such great characters with real depth as Hooded Justice, The first Silk Spectre, The first Nite Owl, The Comedian, Mothman, Dollar Bill, The Silhouette and Captain Metropolis. The story centers on the true story of the Minute Men as told by Hollis Mason (The Original Nite Owl) to be published in his tell all book named "Under The Hood." The story starts in the present (hat being 1962) with the story of The Minute Men being told through flash backs as early as 1939. The GN is beautifully written and illustrated. It is full of intrigue, shining moments, despicable lows, true heroism, true vileness, hilarious goofs and spectacular highs. It is the story full of tribute to "The Watchmen" as it tells the story of what if super heroes existed in the real world. Well worth reading and a darn good tale at that. It does nothing in my opinion to hurt the classic Watchmen story. The Silk Spectre story by Mr. Cooke and Amanda Conner is a spotlights on the second Silk Spectre which happen to be the daughter of the original carrying on in the super hero business. The story is not as strong as the Minutemen one, but Mrs. Conner supplies the collected 4 issue miniseries with some great artwork. It is worth reading but just pales when compared to "The Minute Men." Some familiar faces show up, one being one of my most favorite amoral characters in both The Minute Men and The Watchmen. I must caution here that as in "The Watchmen" this GN is targeted at an older audience due to language, violence, nudity and such. Great stories, great artwork.... well what are you waiting for? Go check it out!!!!!

Hopefully you will hear from me sooner than last time. Anyway peace all,