Monday, March 7, 2011

Free Falling with The World's Finest and Yoda!!!

Hi all that dwell in "Blog Land," I am back from adventuring in the outer regions where I found more excellent reads.

Before I start, I just want to share a little video about one of my best friends Yoda by Weird Al. It makes me cry every time I watch it. I love that guy!!!!!

Alright, enough of that!!!! Just silly, move along now!

Okay here are some book and GN reviews:

Superman/Batman Public Enemies by Joph Loeb and Ed McGuinness - When I was a kid comics cost 25 cents and one of the comics I bought every month was called World's Finest and it stared Batman and Superman. Well, Superman/Batman "Public Enemies" reminds of those days. In this GN, hurtling toward Earth is an asteroid that also just happens to be a remnant of Superman's home Krypton. If that where not bad enough, Lex Luther has been elected President of The United States and decides that sense he cannot stop the asteroid, he will kill Superman before it collides with Earth. Is that enough for you? Well if it's not lets throw in supervillains such as Gorilla Grood, Captain Cold, The Banshee, Metallo, Solomen Grundy, Mongul, Nightshade and superheroes (who may or may not be on Superman's or Batman's side) Green Lantern, Captain Atom, Power Girl, Starfire, Black Lighting, Major Force, Hawkman, Shazam, The Atom, etc. So basically in a very short amount of time the dynamic duo must stop an asteroid from destroying the Earth and keep themselves alive from all those heroes and villains (wait a minute, I forgot to throw in a Superman from the future and The New Gods). Great read and art so don't miss out on this one!!!!! Short general note: this one is probably best for teens.

Another great GN for all ages:

Batman Brave and The Bold: The Fearsome Fangs Strike Again by J. Torres, J. Bone and others - This is the second GN in The Brave and The Bold series that teams Batman up with different superheroes of the DC Universe. This GN collects issues 7 - 12 of the comic book series. In the first story Batman teams up with one of my favorite superhero teams The Doom Patrol. The Doom Patrol is lead by Chief Niles Caulder and consists of Robotman (human brain in a robot body), Elasti-Girl (ability to shrink or enlarge body size), Negative Man (a bizarre radioactive energy being who must be wrapped in radiation-proof plastic bandages, unless projecting his body outside itself to fly and do other amazing feats) and Beast Boy (has the ability to change in any animal he can imagine). Other stories have Batman teaming up with the likes of The Great Ten (a Chinese superhero team made up of August General in Iron - wears high tech armor and carries a trident like device that shoots electric pulses, The Perfect Physician - a sorcerer, Celestial Archer - mad archery skills, The Yeti - man able to transform in hulking beast and others who do not appear in this story) to stop one of it's own who has gone rouge; The Catman in a story where we are not sure, until the end, who is the real villain; and many other stories with Green Arrow, The Atom, Adam Strange against a wide spectrum of supervillains. This is fun stuff for all!!!!!

One last review, that is not a GN, but the third book in a really killer series (ages 9 and up):

Freefall by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams - Things are looking pretty grim for Will, Chester, Elliott and Bartleby after the ending of Deeper (the second book in the series) with Cal dead, killed by the Styx, and finding themselves blown into a hole that descends even deeper underneath the Earth (known as The Pore). If that were not bad enough, the Rebecca twins are also down in the bowls of the Earth with them and in hot pursuit with two Styx Limiters (specially trained underground soldiers). Will and the gang need to find a way out of The Pore and topsoil in order to find Will's father Dr Burrows(who unknown to him is down in The Pore also) and get the cure to The Dominion virus (a virus designed by the underground dwelling Styx to kill all humans living on the surface) into the right hands. In another interesting twist we discover that the mercenary Drake is still very much alive and doing what he can above ground to stop the Styx. If you have not read the two books that proceed this one, Tunnels and Deeper, you may have a wee bit of a time catching on to what is happening. The good news is that you have two great books to read before this one. High adventure with lots of twist and turns. Highly recommended!!!!

P.S. To see a quick overview of Tunnels and Deeper click HERE.

Until next time hepcats,


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