Thursday, February 24, 2011

Soul Stealers & Annihilation = Bummer!!!!!

Heyo all,
It's Library Ninja Bill with what appears to be a very depressing post; if you just read the title. Let me tell ya something though....the end has never bee so fun!!! What the heck am I talking about? Check it out:

Warning: The Last Apprentice books can be quite scary as the creatures that a Spook must take on can do some pretty horrible stuff. So if you or your parents don't want you reading this sort of material, DON'T!!!!!!!!!

The Last Apprentice: Night of The Soul Stealer by Joseph Delaney - This is the third book in the series, following Revenge of The Witch and Curse of The Bane, and this title does not disappoint. The Spook (Mr. Gregory), his apprentice Tom and the young witch Alice are back dealing with more than ever before. In this story not only do they have to take on Stone-Chuckers and other beasties, but while wintering in the Spook's home in Anglezarke Tom meets the love of Mr. Gregory's life, Meg. Meg is a very dangerous witch that the Spook is keeping imprisoned by drugging her tea. Wait a minute, he loves her but keeps her memory of what she is fogged and distorted. This can only lead to bad things... Add to that an evil Necromancer, a mage who controls the dead for his own selfish purposes, named Morgan (who also was once the Spook's apprentice) and the return of an ancient god called Golgoth ("The Lord of Winter") and I'd say the Spook and company have a very full plate indeed!!!! This is a great series that just keeps getting better. If you click on "Curse of The Bane" above you can look at my review on this blog of that book. As for "Revenge of the Witch" read the next entry below.

The Last Apprentice: Revenge of The Witch by Joseph Delaney - Tom is the seventh son of a seventh son and in the world of magic that makes him extremely special. Tom lives in what appears to be medieval England (or around that time) and has just turned 12. At this age Tom is expected to start learning how to make his own way in the world. His mother knowing of his potential arranges for him to be the apprentice of a local Spook - Old Gregory. What is a Spook you ask? Why Spooks deal with the world of the supernatural. They deal with boggarts * gasp*, witches and all sorts of creatures that go bump in the night. Tom turns out to have the potential of becoming a great Spook under the tutelage of old Gregory, if his mistakes don't kill him as they did Old Gregory's previous apprentice. As you have probably guessed from the title of this book, one of Tom's first challenges is a very evil witch named Mother Malkin (read the book to find out how she got this name; it's pretty creepy). This is a great read and the first book in a series.

And Now For Something Completely Different:


Annihilation Book One by Keith Giffen, Dan Abnet, Andy Lanning, Scott Kolins, and more - Okay if you like your comics or graphic novels on a cosmic scale, well have I got the first GN in a series that is going to knock your block right off!!!!! This series has just about all Marvel's best outer space heroes allied against a mysterious juggernaut known only as The Annihilation Wave. The GN includes the pre-Annihilation mini-series Drax The Destroyer, The one-shot Annihilation Prologue and the four part Annihilation: Nova series. Okay what exactly does this all mean Bill? Well there is this extremely mighty destroying force that is crossing the Galaxy and destroying everything in it's path. In this first GN we are introduced to some of the good and bad guys who will go toe to toe. I'm talking Drax The Destroyer, Skulls, The Kree, Thanos, The Silver Surfer, Nova, Quasar, Ronan The Accuser and more!!!!! All of existence is in danger and the odds are stacked against the good guys. All the cards are on the table and there can be only one winner who takes all!!! Yea baby, don't get much better than this!!!!!!

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  1. They aren't THAT scary! I can't wait to get my hands on Rage of the Fallen!

  2. Your right. Now the Monsterologist series is a totally scarry series that I love. Not that I don't love The Last Apprentice (man I tear through those books)