Thursday, February 10, 2011

Battle Frenzy, Thunder Gods, Tiny Titans and Other Zaniness!

Hello all. Well it's been a little while, but Library Ninja Bill is back!!!! Welcome and lets talk about some good reads!!!!

Here we go:

Black Hole Sun by David Macinnis Gill - If you like books that hit the throttle in a hurry and don't let off to the very end; boy this book is so for you! This book is set in the future where the planet Mars has been colonized and what goes for government is all but gone. In this awful environment any law that is enforced is done so by a group that would be best characterized as futuristic mercenary cowboys/samurai warriors known as Regulators. The main character in the book is Durango (a 17 year old teen who has an interesting past to say the least), a failed Regulator, who still upholds the noble tenants that Regulators once followed. Durango, who is well versed in sarcasm, is an interesting character made more so by the fact that his former Regulator Chief, Mimi, is now implanted in his brain as an artificial intelligence. The story is about him operating as a Regulator Chief to a rag tag team made up of such characters as his no nonsense first officer Vienne to the uncontrollable  shoot-em-up Leroy Jenkins. Each character in the book really holds their own as characters and are not dull or uninteresting. Durango and his crew basically take on a suicide mission to protect poor miners in the middle of nowhere who are being attacked by a cannibalistic race known as the Draeu and their queen (who has many secrets also). Once the bullets, plasma weapons and hand to hand combat starts, the intensity only keeps building to the end of the story. If you love nonstop action in a book and want one you will not be able to put down, well ya found your book!!! I Loved It!!!!!!!
This book is intended for teen readers because of violence mainly (hey lots of bullets and bombs go off) so if you are a younger reader check with your parents or guardians to make sure it's okay for you.

Pretty Cool Huh?

And what is one of Library Ninja Bill's post without Graphic Novel reviews?????

Tiny Titans: Sidekickin' It by Art Baltazar & Franco - I don't care what your age is, this GN will make you laugh. Come and join the Tiny Titans (Robin, Kid Flash, Speedy, Bat-Girl, Beast Boy, Cyborg and more) in their daily trials and tribulations which also happen to be laugh out loud funny. Join them with their pets at  "Pet Club" in which the first rule is you don't talk about Pet Club. Find out which Tiny Titan is the fastest in a race around the world. Will it be Kid Flash, Super Girl or Raven (wait a minute Raven doesn't have super speed, how could she win?) or somebody else? Watch and read as the Tiny Titan's deal with Principle Deathstroke, Coach Lobo and Janitor Darkseid. This GN is just to much fun.

Thor: Ages of Thunder by Matt Fraction and others - This is a kick-butt GN about Thor and the Asgardian Gods before Thor was sent to Earth to learn humility.  The stories, of course, are set in Asgard featuring along with Thor such Norse Gods as Odin - The All Father, Loki - Master of Mischief, Hemidall - Guardian of The Bifrost Bridge, Balder The Brave, The Enchantress, The Valkyrior and many others. This is high octane Norse Mythology brought to life!!!! Thor in these stories is a lean mean fighting machine. He takes down Frost Giants, the Undead, Storm Giants and more, but is kinda full of himself. Things finally reach the point where his father Odin has to take him down a peg and the two have an epic battle. How does that turn out? Read the GN and find out. The writing and the art work are a wonder to behold. As with Black Hole Sun this book is intended for older teen readers, so if you are younger make sure it is okay for you.

Well Peace out all. Until next time,


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