Monday, February 13, 2012

Raptors Vs. Hercules Vs. Hera

Hello all in the "Land o Blog."  Again the everwondering, always searching Library Ninja Bill brings you news of good reads. The first book I present to you today is a real killer!!!!! I mean this quite literally as when dinosaur and humans come together, usually the results are far from great! So here goes:

Z. Raptor by Stephen Cole - Wow, this book is a real page turner that not only involves genetically engineered super intelligent dinosaurs, but spotlights my favorite dinosaurs Velociraptors. This is the second book in a series written by Mr. Cole on scientifically modified dinosaurs, the first being Z. Rex which I have not read yet (but you can bet as soon as I can I will be). This book revolves around 13 year-old Adam Adlar whose father has come up with some pretty advanced gaming technology, based on Adam's thought patterns, that allows a not so nice corporation named Geneflow to use in combination with their ability to bring dinosaurs back to life to make new super advanced and extremely intelligent dinosaurs. In an attempt to find out what Geneflow is up to Adam and his father are kidnapped by an FBI Special Agent named John Chen and set sail to a tiny island in which two conflicting species of evolved Velociraptors are at war.. These dinos are also keeping human hostages for unknown reasons that have somehow been transported to the island..Todd and his father are separated when the ship Todd is on with Chen is sunk near the island by mysterious sea monsters.Todd's father and the ship he is own escape and the survivors of the wrecked ship find themselves stranded on this strange island. The survivors of the wreck meet an unlikely ally in a Velocirapator that has been cast out of his tribe named Loner (It is Loner by the way that has alerted Agent Chen in the beginning of the book what is happening on this island by video transmission and yes the dinos can talk. I did say they had been advanced drastically and I meant it.). Todd and the survivors with the help of Loner must figure out the secrets of the island along with a way to survive the two warring tribes of Velociraptors and Geneflow whom is hidden on the island. This book is full of action and twist and turns that will make your head spin. Highly recommended for readers ages 10 and up!!!!!! 

Some cool pics I found of Velocipraptors to wet your appetite!!!!!

Moving right along how about a great Graphic Novel on the Goddess Hera of Greek Myth? Here we go!!!!!

Olympians: Hera - The Goddess and Her Glory by George O'Connor - This Graphic Novel focuses on the Goddess of Marriage, Childbirth, Air, Sky, and the Heavens among other things. Oh yea, she is also the wife of Zues and about the only thing or person that scares the crap out of him! This GN focuses on the relationship between these two Greek Gods and in particular her relatioship with one of Zues' greatest children....Hercules!!!! The 12 Labors of Hercules are due to Hera in a major way. So the story of Hercules also known to many as "The Glory of Hera" is told in this GN. This is really a great GN that is really fun to read and the art is awesome. Also included in this GN are Author's Notes telling why Hera is one of his favorite Greek Goddess, Fact Sheets on Hera and Hercules, Greek Notes on parts of the story not told in detail in the GN, a Discussion Page with some very interesting questions that make you think about the story presented, a kick-butt Biblography on where the author got much of his information to tell the story and a Recommended Reading List for those who want to read more about these Greek Icons. As I said, this GN is a definite winner. Recommended for readers 9 years and older.   

Well that's all for now my fellow wanders of good literature. Peace and good reading,

Library Ninja Bill