Thursday, July 28, 2011

Part-Time Indians, Insane Asylums and The Beyound!

Hello all! I know it's been awhile but Summer Reading has been keeping me hopping (also fighting dog gone Jedi). I hope some of you guys and gals (I know you are there) out there are participating. It's really a cool program. Anyway here are some cool reads I have done recently that maybe you will want to check out if you have not already.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie  - This YA book is really one of the most excellent I have read in a long time. This is the story of a young Native American teen named Junior and his transition from his familiar surrounding of the reservation he lives on to the more frightening and certainly more confusing world outside his familiar home. This book holds no punches as Junior describes in detail the poverty, depression, alcoholism and other plain truths related to reservation life. When Junior decides to go to school outside the "Res" he finds that the mostly white upper class school he picks to attend and the new kids he meets are also far from perfect and face challenges and problems, although somewhat different, not so different than those he has seen his while life. Same crap, different place. This book deals with difficult topics such as death, poverty, alcoholism, racism; yet as seen through the eyes of Junior they are presented in such a way that does not send the reader into a deep depression, but just as "this is how life is." Hope and love are always injected in dealing with these topics. One of the best books I have read in a very long time. Recommended for readers 13 years and up.

Wolverine: Weapon X, Vol. 2: Insane in the Brain by Jason Aaron & Yanick Paquette - This Graphic Novel collects issues 6 - 10 in the comic series. Wolverine wakes up in a Insane Asylum with no idea who he is or any memories at all. The Asylum is run by the sinister and potentially the craziest person in the asylum Dr. Rot. Logan slowly begins to notice his surroundings are not quite right, but will he regain his memory in time before the good doctor decides to remove his brain (a little hobby of Dr. Rot). Nice storytelling and art with guest appearances from some of my favorite X-Men. Recommend for ages 13 and up.

Beyounders: A World Without Heroes by Brandon Mull - This is a great book about a a boy named Jason and a girl named Rachel who get drawn into an alternative world/dimension where the time period appears to be around the middle ages. The two do not know each other until they get transported to this strange land ruled by an evil magician named Maldor. They learn that they must work together and trust one another if they want to defeat the wizard and hopefully return home. How can they defeat this wizard. Their exist a word that if spoken in his presence will destroy him. Pieces of the word are scattered throughout the land and they must find them before Maldor finds the two of them. They find allies along the way, but also many enemies. This is an exciting book that will have you turning page after page. Recommended for readers 9 and up.

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Green Lantern, Spider-Man and Thor, maybe more!

Hey ho all in the "Land o Blog." Tis the Library Ninja who has forgotten his name. Wait a minute, a moment of clarity. My name is Bob. No doesn't sound right. Well I'll figure it out eventually. Bobo, darn it's on the tip of my tongue.

Before I start today's Graphic Novel reviews, I want to share some pretty silly cartoon stuff about our favorite heroes. Check out this into from a Thor cartoon series from the 60's:

Pretty bad right? Well let's be fair and show one of DC's big guns at one of his low moments:

Yikes overly dramatic and cheesy at the same time. I love it though it's good fun!!!!

And now some musings on recent reads:

Green Lantern: Secret Origin by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis - First let me say that I have not seen the Green Lantern movie yet (boo me!!!). This GN rocks and if the movie resembles it in anyway then I can't wait to see it. This GN starts off by showing the special bond that a young Hal Jorden has with his father who is a pilot. The worst day in Hal's life happens (understandably) when his father dies protecting people when the plane he is flying breaks down and he has to crash land it in a safe place. From that day forward Hal Jorden has no fear (having witnessed his worst fear in his father's death). Flash forward to the future where Jordan is just barely still flying aircraft for Carol Ferris and something totally unexpected comes into his life. He obtains from a dying alien, Abin Sur who has crashed landed on Earth, a green ring that makes flight possible along with manifesting any creation you can think of into reality to be used to fight the powers of evil. Jordan is then taken away to the Plant OA, home of the Guardians of the Galaxy and The great Green Lantern Corps, to be trained as a replacement Green Lantern for the space sector Abin Sur served. It is there he is noticed by a particular Guardian and Abin Sur's apprentice Sinestro, hailed by all as the greatest Green Lantern ever, who decide to take a special interest in Hal Jordan because they see his great potential. Sinestro and Jordan team-up to take on the powerful and evil Atrocitus and eventually become friends. Sinestro takes on Jordan's training and everything seems to be turning out all right, but the rumblings of The Darkest Night have already started and deception creeps into the Corps future. Read the Graphic Novel to get the full story and go on one heck of a ride. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

Marvel Adventures: Thor and Spider-Man by Various - This Graphic Novel collects Spider-Man and Thor team-ups that have happened throughout the years in comics. The first story has Spider-Man being enchanted by one of the evil Norse Gods The Enchantress, traveling to Asgard, fighting with the Gods and eventually the big guy himself Thor!!!! The next two stories have this famous twosome taking on time traveling (and time stopping) Trolls and the supervillainThe Mongoose. The last story in the GN has Thor and Spider-Man, with a guest appearance by Valkyrie, fighting and trying to figure out what is going on with two aliens, the only survivors of their world, battling each other. Who is the good guy? Who is the bad guy? How did all this come to pass. Take a look at this excellent GN to find out. Recommended for those 9 and up. 

Well all you good and noble people that's all Ninja Bill has for now. Hey I just remembered my name!!!!! Cool!!!!

Well I hope you all are having a great summer and look forward to talking again to you all soon.