Thursday, January 6, 2011

Verily, I Mean Spookily, I Say

Well Happy New Year all out there who dwell in "The Land of Blog." I did not intend to but it seems I have started my new year with some spooooky books. Oh well, here are two books I recently finished reading and hope you will give them a try if you have not already.

The Curse of The Wendigo by Rick Yancy - This book is a follow up to the most awesome "The Monstrumologist." To see my review of that book click HERE! As in the first book young Will Henry is in the service of Dr. Pellinore Warthrop, a well respected Monstrumologist (a scientist who studious dark creatures that go more than bump in the dark). Dr. Warthrop is approached by a women he loved long ago after her husband goes missing in Canada. Her husband, who also happens to have been a close friend to the Doctor, had been tasked by there former mentor Dr. Von Helrung to prove the existence of the mythical Wendigo (He Who Devours All Mankind: a creature that starves even as it endlessly hunts and feeds on human flesh). Dr. Warthrop eventually agrees and he and Will journey into the wilds of Canada in search of his lost friend. This is an intensely frighting book as the protagonists struggle against a monster that may be real or a trick of the mind. The intensity level for this book is set to 11 and does not go down until all is said and done. Who will live? Who will die? Who will remain sane? Mr. Yancy is on par with Stephen King in presenting a story that is so frightening, yet you must keep turning the page to find out what happens next. Really great stuff!!!!! As with the previous book I feel obligated to warn all that this is probably not for young children. This book contains some extremely gory scenes in addition to just being down right frightening. It scared the living "you know what" out of me and I'm far from being a child. Also there are few curse words. So before starting to read this book make sure it is cool with your parents and you are not frightened easily.

Just to give you a taste of what these books are like, check it out:

Bloody Horowitz by Anthony Horowitz - Another great book with spooky, scary, bloodcurdling stuff. This is a compilation of 14 short stories by Mr. Horowitz that is guaranteed to be loved by all you out there who love frightening stories. Some of my favorites in the book were Bet Your Life, Robo-Nanny and Are You Sitting Comfortably. Bet Your Life is about Reality T.V. and Game shows taken to the extreme. 5 contestants are competing for 10 million dollars in precious diamonds. What's the big deal about the story you ask? Think about the title and maybe you will understand. Robo-Nanny is actually kind of funny in a dark way. It is set in the future where the use of robots is quite common. Two extremely busy parents purchase T-199 the most advanced human like Nanny on the market. It has different settings for how strictly it deals with children from very lightly to...uh, read the story to find out. Are You Sitting Comfortably deals with the horror of message chairs. Horror of message chairs you ask? Again read to find the gruesome answer. Again this is a great collection of scary stories recommend for those 9 and above.

My complements to Iron Carl on the exciting review of "Behemoth" and I will be sinking my teeth into that one soon (get it, sinking my, never mind).

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  1. When I was a kid, I loved spooky, scary stories and movies. But the stories of today sound so much better. Although I think Edgar Allen Poe is still the best (it is his birthday today). Thanks for this review, I will keep it in mind for a young nephew's birthday. He likes this stuff too.

  2. I thought that Curse of the Wendigo was so super scary because of the element of human evil involved. Shiver.