Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good Graphic Novel Reads!

Hello again residence of the "Land of Blog." Sorry it has been awhile since my last post but a Library Ninjas Job can be very time consuming. Here are some of the things I have been up to since my last post for example:

Defending myself from "The Evil Squirrel League of Ninja Assassins." Let me tell you something, these guys may be small but their vicious!!!!!!

You would be surprised about how upset some people become when they can't find the book they want at the library!!!!

And finally finding a new hobby while not being an ultra violent Library Ninja.

Well enough about my daily trials and tribulations, let's talk about some cool Graphic Novels I have read lately:
Olympians: Athena, Grey-Eyed Goddess by George O'Connor - If you like Greek Myths and the Greek Gods and Heroes, this GN is definitely for you. This is the second GN in The Olympians series (the first being Zeus - King of The Gods). This is a wonderfully illustrated and well-spun tale about Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, War, Strategy, Crafts and Cities. It tells of how she was born and came into the world by bursting out of her father's head (that would be Zeus), helped save Mount Olympus and the Gods by battling and defeating Pallas, leader of a race of Stone Giants called the Gigantomachy, helping Peruses (along with Hermes) in defeating Medusa and much more. I really learned a great deal about Athena that I did not know and enjoyed this GN very much!!!!!!!

For older readers (13 an up) you may want to check out this really great GN:

Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites by Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson - At first glance Burden Hill looks like an idyllic community and area, but underneath the surface evil abounds. With the human residences being blissfully unaware, its up to a brave crew of dogs and a cat to deal with what is wrong in and around Burden Hill. Pugs, Ace, Jack, Whitey, Red and the Orphan (the cat) are just some of the crew that are fighting the good fight against such things as witch covens, animal zombies, demonic frogs, evil mystical rats, the undead, werewolves and more. This is really an original concept that is extremely well written along with being graced with the awesome art of Jill Thompson. Highly recommended!!!!!!

Well that's all for now all. Being talking at you again soon,


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