Monday, May 9, 2011

The First Rule of Pet Club and Tales Dark and Grim

Heyo all there out in the Land Of Blog, Tis I again the lone, nomadic, forever wandering Library Ninja Bill. Times have been tough, I have to be honest with you, but reading goes on. So without further adieu:

First I'm gonna talk about The fourth GN in The Tiny Titans Series, so to set the mood check out this video that totally rocks:

The First Rule of Pet Club by Art Baltazar, Franco and Geoff Johns - This Tiny Titans Graphic Novel collects issues 19 -25 of the monthly series. Problems abound for Robin as Wayne Manner and the Batcave has been overrun by bunnies from a magic trick gone wrong by Zatara and penguins from Robin opening a forbidden door in the Batcave. Now all the bats have flown the coup from the Batcave and Batman tasks Robin with getting them back. Thank goodness for a little help from your friends...that's right it's Tiny Titan Time, aw yeah!!!!!!! Also this issue has the powerful tale (well maybe powerful is the wrong word, but it sure is funny) that ties into (not really) "The Darkest Night!" Gotta love those Tiny Titans, aw yeah!!!!!! Great for all ages!!!!

Next a totally rocking book based on the fairy tales of The Brother Grimm:

A Tale Dark and Grimm by Adam Gidwitz - Now if you like sweet and safe, watered down fairy tales, this is most definitely not the book for you!!!!! The author of this book has taken two famous Grimm Fairy Tale characters, Hansel and Gretel, and woven a phenomenal story that ties other Grimm Fairy Tales into one fantastic ride. The book starts before the birth of these two children with the Tale of "Faithful Johannes" servant of the King and Queen of The Kingdom of Grimm. If this opening story does not grab you, twist you and leave you aghast, please get help soon? Hansel and Gretel are born to the King and Queen and the adventures of these two siblings rocket you through the rest of the book.  This book is a page turner from front to end. Think you know your favorite fairy tales? Well guess again as the author puts them back into there somewhat original and gruesome versions. There may even be tales new to you that are expertly woven into this most excellent story. If you are a little squeamish, never fear, the author often butts into the story to make sure you really want to know what happens next? Sometimes ignorance is bliss, but not with this book. Two Thumbs high in the air!!!! Great book recommended for those 9 and up, who believe it or not, like things not so sweet and sugar coated.

Also check out this little tease:

Until next time all you hepcats,


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