Sunday, May 29, 2011

Is it getting spooky around here or is it just me?

Good Evening (or morning, afternoon, whatever) it is I your master of ceremonies Necromancer/Spook Ninja Bill. Man have I got some good stuff for ya, but first a spooky little clip:

Spooky Stuff - Awooooooooooooh!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now for some super cool spooky reads:

Hold me Closer, Necromancer by Lish McBride -
This book is awesome!!!!!!!! I finished reading it in record time as it sucked me in and left me waiting for more. The story is about a teen-age boy named Sam, who unknown to him, his mother is a witch and father carries the genetic code for necromancy. Sam has flunked out of school and is working in a dead in job at a fast food joint with his friends Ramon, Brooke and Frank. Sam has always felt out of place and strange but does not learn why until one night at work he runs into a man named Douglas who he and his friend offend. The next thing he knows, that night after work he and his friends are attacked by a super strong human (or what appears to be). Sam's life starts to spiral out of control as his friend Brooke is beheaded, but her head is still alive and talking. Douglas, we find out, is the head of a council of fey and fairytale creatures that live right beside humans in the everyday world. Douglas discovers that Sam is also a Necromancer and decides to use him for his own evil purposes. Fear not though as Sam and his friends, plus new ones he makes such as Brid (a hybrid Werewolf), are not going down without a fight. This is an exciting, scary story that promises more books to follow. Man, I sure hope so! Recommended for teens (13 and up). 

Check out this video for the book and tell me you are not intrigued:

The Last Apprentice, Attack of The Fiend by Joseph Delaney - This is the forth book in this series and they just keep getting better and better ( I have already started the next book). In this installment The Spook, his apprentice Tom and Alice (a young budding witch whose future for good or evil is undetermined, but who is a good friend to Tom) set off for the town of Pendle to take care of the witch clans that have grown out of control. The three main witch clans in Pendle are The Malkins, The Deanes and The Mouldheels. Things start of bad for our brave adventures and steadily get worse. Tom's brother Jack and his family are attacked and kidnapped by witch clans from Pendle soon after the travellers reach it. Tom and Alice take off to see what has become of his family while the Spook starts to plan for how to handle the witch clans. When Tom and Alice reach his brothers farm they find it destroyed and his family gone. Tom's brother James, a blacksmith arrives to help, but will his help and anybody elses be enough? Tom must recover three trucks left for him by his mother that the witches have stolen (not to mention his kidnapped family) along with dealing with wraiths, witch assassins and worst of all the witches' plan to bring into the world the Devil himself. Twist and turns at every corner. This is a great book and series for those 9 and older.

Until next time friends,

Library Ninja Bill

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