Friday, July 30, 2010

Moving, Superheroes and other Really Cool Stuff!!

Hi once again all those in the "Land of Blog" tis The Master of Disaster Ninja Librarian Bill coming straight at ya!!!! Well the weekend of July 24th, I officially moved to Lumberton, North Carolina. My new job is "Youth Services Librarian" for The Robeson County Library System!!!!! My wife, our 3 cats and myself finally found a place to live so we are all finally under one roof. I want to thank all my friends who helped me move from Rock Hill, South Carolina to Lumberton, North Carolina. One of those special people who helped was Iron Carl, so I have written an ode to him:

Where I work now!!!!!!!!

Ode To Iron Carl -

Library Ninja Bill was in trouble for sure,
Had to move a long way with nowhere to turn,
In his hour of need who should appear? Why Iron Carl with family right there.
They travelled to Rock Hill and vanquished heavy furniture, boxes and such. Bill was amazed in the power of him and family and such.
Then to Lumberton they did go and did much more of the same. So here is a toast to my heroes Iron Carl, Catherine and Kalee (Bill is sorry if he has spelled any names wrong)!!!!


And now for something completely different!!!

Here are some Graphic Novels I recently finished reading:

Mini Marvels Ultimate Collection by Chris Giarrusso and others - This Graphic Novel collects all the most excellent Mini Marvels adventures in one book. If you like funny, you will love this take off on all of Marvel Comics big super heroes portrayed as kids. Imagine if you will Spider-Man as a paperboy working for the ever irritable Mr. Jameson of The Daily Bugle. Now if working for Mr. Jameson were not bad enough, imagine if the Green Goblin happened to be on your paper route. Even though he subscribes to the paper, every time you try to deliver to him he tries to kill you. Sheesh, it's certainly no picnic trying to deliver the paper to this maniac (and it only gets worst with an assist by Venom). This and other stories such as Kid Wolverine in "Cereal Quest" just trying to to get a box of his most favorite cereal X-Crunch, The Kid Hulk getting too much dating advice from the Kid Avengers, Kid Hawkeye always reminding Kid Iron Man how he defeated him just using arrows against his superior machinery, and much, much more. This GN is a must read for all ages!!!!!

Marvel Adventures: Black Widow and The Avengers by Paul Tobin and Various Artist - Superhero Graphic Novels do not get much better than this one. This GN focuses on some early adventures of the Marvel Comics Superhero Team The Avengers. The team is made up of The Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man, Nova, Thor, The Vision and Invisible Woman. This GN collects issues Marvel Adventures Super Heroes 17 - 21. Heroes, Villains , Ordinary People are acting strangely throughout the storyline in this book. The Avengers, along with guest appearances from such characters as The Silver Surfer, Diablo, Plant Man, have a real mystery to solve and things are going from bad to worst quickly. Solid storytelling and great art work make this GN a must read. So check it out, hopefully at your local library or comic shop!!!!!

Peace and Love all,

Library Ninja Bill


  1. Thanks for the ode, man! This "ode man" was glad to do it! BTW, it's "Kaylee."

  2. best wishes to you in your new position

  3. best wishes to you in your new position

  4. Sorry about the misspelling Iron Carl and Miss Kaylee. Also thanks for the well wishes Anonymous.
    Ninja Librarian Bill