Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Blackest Night is Here!!!! Along with Some Dead Boys and Batman!

Hayo all me bukoos in "The Land of Blog." It's the wondering Librarian with Kung Foo Gripping Action, Ninja Librarian Bill. I have been very busy but have managed to squeeze in some good reads to let you know about. So lets get to it!!!!

Blackest Night by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis and others - The Dead are rising and they want all to join them (being dead that is). The Blackest Night long ago prophesied in The Great Book of OA is happening now!!!!!! Lead by The Black Hand, the dead are being brought back to life/death by Black Lantern Rings seeking them out. There is no good news in this as The newest Lantern Corps, The Black Lanterns, want everyone and everything dead. The Seven Emotional Spectrum Corps (The Green Lanterns (Will Power), The Sinestro Corps (Ability to Install Great Fear), The Red Lanterns (Great Rage), The Orange Lantern (Great Avarice), The Star Sapphires (Great Love), The Blue Lanterns (Great Hope) and The Indigo Tribe (Great Compassion)) must set aside their differences and fight together or all is lost. OA (home of The Guardians and The Green Lantern Corps) and Earth are assaulted hard by the Black Rings, bringing former Green Lanterns back to life on OA and deceased superheroes and villains on Earth. Let me introduce you to some of The Black Lantern Corps (without giving away to many surprises): The Martian Manhunter, The Elongated Man, Aquaman, Hawk (of Hawk and Dove), The Original Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond), Dr. Light, Maxwell Lord, Azrael, Jade, Airwave, Tomar-Re, Solomon Grundy, Psycho-Pirate, Captain Boomerang, The Original Question, Professor Zoom and many more. Our DC heroes and villains that are among the living really have their backs to the wall. This story needs to be read if you are a Green Lantern fan or just enjoy good comics/stories & art and I feel the more I say, the more I will rob the reader of this wonderful tale. Let's just say a whole lot happens, no one is safe, and when you think things are going one way they go just the opposite. This GN is really a terrific ride!!! Recommended for age 12 and up.   

If that was not enough to get you interested take a look at this:

Pretty Intense eh?

Next on my list is a really cool book for guys who like mysteries and scary stuff:

The Dead Boys by Royce Buckingham - In this book 12 year old Teddy and his Mom have moved to Richland, Washington where his Mom has gotten a job at the local Nuclear Plant. What they do not know is that during the past, going back to around World War II, radioactivity has contaminated the area. What does this have to do with anything? Well it is the summer when they move there and Will's Mom demands that he go out and find friends in the area. Well he does meet a couple of guys on different occasions, but has trouble finding them afterwards. Also the areas he finds them at change dramatically when he revisits them. Oh and one more thing, the house next to Teddy's is abandoned and has this giant sycamore tree in the front yard. What's so interesting about that you ask? Well Teddy could swear that the tree is trying to open the window to his bedroom and even catch him with its limbs. Is this all in his imagination or is something very strange going on in Richland, Washington? Read the book and find out. Recommended for guys around 9 and over. 

Batman: Battle for The Cowl by Tony S. Daniel, Fabian Nicieza, Dustin Nguyen and others - Batman is dead (Bruce Wayne was killed by Darksied at the end of Final Crisis) and Gotham City is in a state of chaos. Without his presence criminals are fearless in their assault on Gotham's citizens. Many heroes associated with Batman show up to try to reinstate order to the city under siege (Nightwing - Dick Grayson, Robin - both Tim Drake and Damian Wayne, Catwoman, Jason Todd and others). It becomes apparent that one of those close to Bruce must takeover as the new "Batman." Jason Todd starts dressing as him, but has gone off the deep end maiming and killing those he perceives as criminals. Dick Grayson finds himself being drawn by Jason's actions into not only stopping him, but taking on the identity he never wanted. The very role he was groomed for: Batman! Great read recommended for those 12 and up.

That's all folks!!!! Until next time Peace,


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