Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Let's Get This Party Started!!!!

Hello all in The Land of Blog and welcome to the brand spanking new "Boys Rock, Boys Rule" with extra strength manliness. What is this blog site about you ask? Well let me give you the facts, just the facts:

1) This Blog is focused at guys ages 8 through them there teen years (that is authentic "country talk" for those unfamiliar - although I assure you I am more a Heavy Metal listener myself).

The Great Renaissance Guitar God - Sir Jester of Metal.

2) We Warriors 3, Library Guy Zack, Iron Carl, and myself (Ninja Librarian Bill), who also happen to be Youth Services Librarians, will talk about guy things we like: Books, Comics, Graphic Novels, Movies, Sports, Gaming, Music, etc.

3) We want readers of our Blog to be more than that!!!! We want you to be contributor's also. Talk about the things you love and enjoy. Share it so that all guys can know about it.

4) This Blog is about having fun. If you don't enjoy anything, this Blog is probably not for you.

So with all that said let's get to some random things I have been up to recently:

First let's talk about a most excellent book I just finished reading,

The Last Apprentice: Curse of The Bane by Joseph Delaney -  This is the second book in "The Last Apprentice" Series and just like the first one, I loved it! The story starts off with Tom still under the apprenticeship of the Spook Mr. Gregory. Because the Spook is sick, Tom must deal with a very nasty Boggart called a Ripper. For those of you who are uninitiated a Boggart is a type of ghost and a Ripper is a Boggart who lives off blood (be it animal or human). Tom deals with the Ripper, but a part of this incident involves the death of the Spooks brother who is a priest.

This starts a serious of events in which the Spook and Tom must head to Priestown, not only for the burial of the Spook's brother, but to deal with an old score from the Spook's past. It seems that underneath Priestown in the catacombs exist a creature called the Bane. The Bane is an ancient evil spirit that once had physical form but lost it (you will have to read the book to find out how). The Spook, when he was younger, tried to deal with the Bane but was beaten badly and barely escaped with his life. Now with Tom at his side they are going to take on the Bane once more. Oh I forgot to mention that besides this there are many other things going on, like the churches highest pursuer of all things evil, the Quistor, taking many innocent people and accusing them of being witches so that he can mainly take belonging of any possessions that they may own. Well one of the people that the Quistor has taken is Tom's friend Alice, who actually is a which - but a good one (so far), and Tom must find a way to rescue her.

Well as you can probably tell their is allot going on in this book and in the end it does all tie together, but why don't you read it yourself and find out!!!! Ninja rating on this book: Two Thumbs of Death Up!!!!!!

Well so goes the first official post with a book review. I hope I have peeked some of you guys interest and you give this book a try along with the first in the series: The Last Apprentice: Revenge of The Witch. Also, please feel free to review books that you like and share them here!!!!! All you have to do is write in the comment section for the most current posting or even an older posting and we will see that it gets on the blog!!!!

Well good reading, gaming, or whatever you enjoy doing.


Ninja Librarian Bill

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