Saturday, April 28, 2012

Vamps and Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

Hi all you crazy cats out there in the wilds "O Blog." I know it's been awhile but between fighting the evil forces that threaten good reading and patrolling the good land of "Blog," man I have been one busy Library Ninja!!!! I even had to hunt down this part of a blog I wrote that the forces of no goodness had made disappear. But enough whining on my part, let's talk good reads!!!!!!

Teeth:Vampire Tales Edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling - I recently finished this anthology and was quite impressed. Many different authors contribute to this anthology of vampire stories inspired by many different cultures and their vampire mythos. It ranges from stories that are down right scary such as "All Smiles" by Steve Berman, "Sit The Dead" by Jeffrey Ford," and "Slice of Life" by Lucius Shepard to those that are funny and fascinating in a morbid sort of way such as "History" by Ellen Kushner and "In The Future When All's Well" by Catherynne Valente. There are even those that show vampirism as just being another way of living (or non-living), that are as mundane or more exhilarating than living as a human, but are as the Beatles said:

"Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on, yeh!
La la la life goes on...
Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on, yeh!...
La la la life goes on."

I highly recommend this book because the stories are as far from the majority of typical vampire tales out now as can be and the authors involved really have written some phenomenal stuff. Because of language, that sex thing and other activities that teens can and sometime do get involved in (part of growing up), I would recommend this book for older teens. I really enjoyed this one!!!!! P.S. Neil Gaiman contributes a poem (gotta to mention Neil wherever he shows up!!!!).

Peace all and good reading,


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