Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Series: Trackers

Patrick Carman, one of the authors for the 39 Clues series, has a new action series called Trackers out for the middle school audience. The first book is the aptly titled, Trackers: Book One, is a good start to the series and introduces the readers to the characters through a fast paced high tech adventure.

The books are enhanced with a website. Every few chapters, the book pauses and directs the reader to put enter a new password to unlock a new set of videos and puzzles for the reader. If you are like me and are not usually around a computer while reading a book it can be a little frustrating. But, the book does offer text transcripts of the videos if you can't watch them online. So they aren't essential to enjoying the book, but they are a good deal of fun if you include them.

The second book, Trackers Book 2: Shantorian is scheduled to come out January 1st, 2011. You can see more about the series on Patrick Carman's web page.

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